Zookeeper Caper - Clarence

Zookeeper Caper - Clarence

About game «Zookeeper Caper - Clarence»

How long can you get into various adventures. Probably Clarence will never calm down, and you know the strangest thing is that he and his company just want to do everything in an amicable way. But somehow things always go wrong. This time the company came up with a seemingly good idea, but no one would have thought that Clarence decided to use animals from the local zoo as animals that would pull the sled with the guys. Surely this is not only stupid, but also very dangerous. There is nothing to do, you will have to bring this idea to life and try to do it so that no one is hurt, including stolen animals from the zoo. Go with a cheerful troika and help them to get started to get to one of the cages with animals, only after that you can come up with a further plan of action. The zoo is full of guards, and they are all in their places. None of the guards, unfortunately the guys, are sleeping, this will certainly complicate the task, but you will help them.

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