Hypno Bliss - PowerPuff Girls

Hypno Bliss - PowerPuff Girls

About game «Hypno Bliss - PowerPuff Girls»

This online game will provide you with a unique opportunity to meet incredible girls who are eager to save the world from villains using their superpowers. Right now, you have a chance to join their team in an online game and defeat common enemies, as well as have fun. PowerPuff Girls are already tired of waiting for you. Your new girlfriends will travel to various places to meet crazy adventures. First, the crumbs will land on a beautiful deserted island. Use the arrow keys to control the movement of any Girl. On the ground you will see gold stars, they are also in the air, they must be collected. You also have the ability to fly. There is a specific place on the island where there is a special mechanism with which PowerPuff Girls can rise into the air. Once you reach this point, simply press the up arrow key. You must collect a certain number of gold stars in any territory.

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