Pixie Accident ER

Pixie Accident ER

About game «Pixie Accident ER»

One sunny day, little Pixie decided to take a walk in the woods and enjoy the beautiful nature. But the trouble came from nowhere. The little elf fell into a deep pit and received numerous injuries. We immediately took her to the hospital, but there were no doctors there, which is why we need your help. Run to the elf to save her and get medical help. Do not rush with treatment, but first carefully examine your patient to understand what kind of damage was caused to her fragile body. After that, we will provide you with a huge number of medicines and tools that will be used to treat the little elf. Be careful and caring, because the girl is in trouble and only you can save her. Play this game on any type of device for free and without registration. Have a good time! Invite your friends and treat little Pixie together!

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