Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19

About game «Coronavirus COVID-19»

We very much hope that science and medicine will together triumph over the terrible coronavirus 19, or as it is commonly called among medical workers - Coronavirus infection COVID-19, but while doctors are fighting the virus in real life, we will try not to interfere with them by observing self-isolation and will fight with a virtual copy of it in a new multiplayer io toy. All you have to do is choose the side for which you will fight - a brave physician or a sick patient who has become practically a covidzombie. From the very beginning of your battle, you will find yourself in a place that is full of infected, and, unlike in real life, no one here wears masks, which means a dangerous infection is everywhere, and only you can stand up for yourself. How to do it? Only by avoiding direct contact with the infected, who are constantly running around the map and coughing up saliva with particles of the virus.

Watch how to play: