Ben 10 World Rescue

Ben 10 World Rescue

About game «Ben 10 World Rescue»

Ben will never be able to calmly rest with his family and spend time carelessly, but he does not suffer from this, someone must become the protector of our planet and the people inhabiting it! This time he will visit the largest cities of our world and there, using his secret device, known as the Omnitrix, will again save the world from the invasion of various monsters and aliens. The mission is secret, so do not divulge its codename - Ben 10 World Rescue! The game is divided into levels, and in each of them you can take the form of one of the superheroes to fight the invaders. Therefore, first, select the city where Ben will go, and only then get ready to meet the enemy. To fight aliens, our hero has several types of attack - simple and super. However, if you start using a super attack from the first seconds of the game, then the energy for it will quickly run out, and you will not be able to resist the boss.

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