Zombie Hunters Arena

Zombie Hunters Arena

About game «Zombie Hunters Arena»

Every day in the world of the dead begins with a search for food with the remnants of the living, and all sorties take place at night so that fewer zombies find survivors. This continues for several years, and then one day a hero appeared who decided to declare war on the dead and by his example to show that it is simply necessary to fight for the right to life, otherwise you will have to hide until the end of the years. And no matter how difficult the process ofZombie Hunters Arena was, he firmly decided that he must either die as a hero, or escape and save the rest! From the first seconds of your character's appearance in an eerie place that looks like a bloody field, he has to cope with the dead men alone, and there is only one pistol from the weapon, and that periodically needs to be reloaded.

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