Pool Club

Pool Club

About game «Pool Club»

Who said that winter is only a time for winter sports, because there are a lot of games in the world that can be played all-season, and one of these games is the Pool Club to which we invite everyone who is willing and able to handle a cue. And if for some reason you have not yet mastered this noble sport, we hasten to assure you now you will learn everything. Some may say that it is impossible to play billiards without knowledge of geometry and an excellent eye, but in fact it is not so and now you will see for yourself! In fact, playing billiards is not only not difficult, but also incredibly interesting, the main thing is to correctly pick up the cue, and in our case the mouse, since with the help of the mouse you will choose the direction and force of impact on the balls. The main and only thing that you need to know when playing any version of billiards is that a white ball is called a cue ball and should not be pocketed under any circumstances.

Watch how to play: