Guardians of the Galaxy: Defend The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy: Defend The Galaxy

About game «Guardians of the Galaxy: Defend The Galaxy»

This time you have to become a pilot of a spaceship that plows the universe in search of enemy ships. Control Milano by moving the mouse and constantly maneuvering. Milano will shoot himself at his main targets, and you just have to shoot at the enemy and dodge his missiles. Also hurry up to collect weapons and first-aid kits that will come across on the way. First aid kits replenish your health bar, which is located on the left side of the screen. In this version of the game about the Guardians of Galaxy, you will play the role of a pilot of a space starship, who decided to fight the enemy army. The same starships fly at you and shoot at you, and your task is to destroy them so that they do not destroy you. On the left of the screen is the health scale, which needs to be replenished with first-aid kits. The arsenal of weapons is replenished by collecting weapons, but the very first hit of a rocket in your starship reduces it to zero.

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