Upgrade Chasers - Ben 10

Upgrade Chasers - Ben 10

About game «Upgrade Chasers - Ben 10»

During the battle, you must be constantly in shape in order to be prepared during the battle. Of course, you can't prepare for everything, but you still need to go through the basic elements of preparation, which Ben decided to do today. While Ben is doing well with his physical fitness, he is not doing very well with the management of various vehicles. Although Ben has already regretted many times that he is not good enough with machines, with the help of which you can not only chase and catch up with monsters and other unknown creatures, but also overcome various obstacles, even such as stone walls. Just today, Ben has a completely free day, and he decided to devote it to training trips, where he can learn the skills of driving completely different vehicles: cars, jeeps, trucks, various all-terrain vehicles and special construction equipment.

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