Super Dino Fighter

Super Dino Fighter

About game «Super Dino Fighter»

There is a grandiose battle between robotic dinosaurs, which are not inferior to each other in power, but only correct control is a guarantee of a successful outcome. Before battling majestic enemies, you must first build your own robotic fighter using modern mechanical parts. When the warrior is ready to enter the arena, then quickly review the unique abilities in order to choose the most effective action at the right time. Defeat your rivals until you are alone, then you will rightfully receive the title of champion. The first stage is to create a robot according to the presented scheme, which is on the left. The necessary parts are located on the right side, from where they are dragged onto the transparent silhouette of the dinosaur. If the fragment is set correctly, then it is fixed, and with a negative action, it returns to its original position.

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