Burger Stack

Burger Stack

About game «Burger Stack»

Who would pass up a juicy and nutritious burger for which ingredients are not a pity! But isn't it interesting for you to visit the other side, acting as a creative chef of such delicious delicacies? Get ready for a fun burger basics adventure where agility, alertness and vigilance are essential. Don't hesitate too long - the visitors are already really tired of waiting for their burgers! The first test is already preparing its difficulties, especially for beginners. You need to catch each of the ingredients that fall from the top of the screen. Keep track of the amount of ingredients to avoid creating an imbalance in the recipe. Also, from time to time you will come across components that are not part of the burger. If they hit the burger, the game is over. Once you can pick up all the ingredients, only then you should catch the top of the roll to complete the culinary composition.

Watch how to play: