Spongebob Quirky Turkey

Spongebob Quirky Turkey

About game «Spongebob Quirky Turkey»

Thanksgiving is coming soon and SpongeBob has decided to make a festive dinner. As you know, the main course should be turkey. Today in the game Spongebob Quirky Turkey you will help to make the most delicious SpongeBob turkey dinner. Just now, Patrick SpongeBob made a marinade to make his turkey delicious. Patrick was supposed to come to him to help him. But suddenly something unexpected happened and Patrick came in a turkey suit, which surprised Bob very much. Just then, the real turkey that Bob was about to cook disappeared. Now he thinks Patrick is a turkey and wants to put him in the oven. Patrick is very afraid of turning into SpongeBob's dish, so help him escape from SpongeBob so he doesn't do anything to it! In this game, your task will be to save Patrick, otherwise he will end up on the festive table in the form of lunch! In front of you, you will see a large square where Patrick and SpongeBob will be. You need to pack up as soon as possible and get ready to help Patrick escape.

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