Cannonbolt Crash - Ben 10

Cannonbolt Crash - Ben 10

About game «Cannonbolt Crash - Ben 10»

If you have not met aliens, then meet Cannonbolt. He may seem a little intimidating due to his yellow armor covering his shoulders, back and chest, but this is the natural appearance of all his kin. But its main color is a combination of black and white. Green eyes give the alien a predatory appearance, and four-fingered limbs with long claws and sharp teeth correspond to the gloomy character. The alien is agile and fast, but what makes it much more dangerous is its ability to curl up into a solid ball that is almost impossible to damage. In this state, the Cannobolt can move by rolling the wheel, constantly increasing the speed of rotation. This property will be useful in battle - you can rush, pushing off obstacles and knock down enemies. Learn to take full advantage of the spherical shape of the hero.

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