Diamondhead Shoot - Ben 10

Diamondhead Shoot - Ben 10

About game «Diamondhead Shoot - Ben 10»

In the game Diamondhead Shoot - Ben 10, our favorite boy hero fell into a trap on one of the city streets. He came to protect the locals from the attacks of evil enemies, but they were waiting for him. The enemy sent a whole bunch of flying robots to attack Ben 10. It is here that Ben will need his Omnitrix, which makes it possible to summon such a hero as Diamond. This is the most powerful hero that Ben 10 loves the most and uses him very often. With the help of his arrows, he will hit the robots one by one until they are all destroyed. Play and help Diamond shoot all the robots. You have only 30 seconds left, during which you must hold off an enemy attack. The more robots you can shoot down, the more points you earn and the more you can set your personal best. Ready to get started? Then go ahead!

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