Rust Bucket Rescue - Ben 10

Rust Bucket Rescue - Ben 10

About game «Rust Bucket Rescue - Ben 10»

Ben is with us again and now he will go again to save the world from terrible creatures who have decided to take over our planet in their clutches. Let's first figure out what happened! It turned out that Ben received a message on his phone about the disappearance of travelers who decided to get to know the desert better. Ben has no choice but to go to the scene to independently study all the traces, and not only the traces of the travelers, but also those who "helped" them to disappear. Again, the Omnitrix comes to the aid of our hero, with the help of which it becomes the most common animal in the desert. Guess who Ben has become? A lizard, of course. Firstly, the lizard is not afraid of the heat, secondly, it does not need to constantly eat and drink, and thirdly, it can penetrate into various narrow places where a person, due to its size, will not enter. Now you can go on a journey for tourists, especially since he managed to find traces. By the way, tourists were able to leave traces for Ben in the form of small coins, and now he can only follow the trail and pick up coins.

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