Scared Silly - Clarence

Scared Silly - Clarence

About game «Scared Silly - Clarence»

The main character of the game, named Jeff, cannot boast of courage, but he knows how to think quickly and correctly, which helps him find a way out of non-standard situations. Jeff's friend Clarence decided to play a trick on him and asked to look after the collection of toys. At the same time, he hid the figurine, which he did not tell his friend about. When Jeff discovered the loss, he realized that he needed to immediately go in search of her. You will embark on an adventure with him and help to pass all the tests to return the missing figurine to its place. Together with the main character, you will visit an eerie cemetery, where, not only at night, it is unrealistic to be scary during the day. You need to be very careful and watch your step so as not to fall into one of the traps. Use your sword to break the gravestones. Collect the pieces of the map and fold the complete image to find the place where the lost figurine is.

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