Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion

Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion

About game «Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion»

The game Cat Rescue - Apple and Onion is an arcade game, in which you will engage with Apple and Onion according to the plot of the cartoon of the same name. Probably, you have not identified a game more unusual than this one. This is because, firstly, the main heroes here are not people, and not even animals, but... vegetables! Imagine, here they know how to walk, talk and do everything that you do during your day. Apple and Onion decided to have a pet, and oddly enough, they got a cat. Now you need to take care of him and play with him every day. But one day the cat could not sit still and he decided to take a walk towards the road, where there are many cars. Apple and Onion must save their pet immediately. Select one of two characters and assist their pet cat harmlessly jump across the road on the roofs of moving vehicles.

Watch how to play: