About game «Basketball.iO»

Can you become the best among millions of users in the game Basketball.iO, a sports game in which speed, experience and quick thinking are everything! In general, go to the sports field and start the fight for the title of the best basketball player. Just like in the real version of the sports game, you have to win in only one way - by scoring the most goals in the allotted time to the basket, and for this you first need to go through a short training session. The first stage of training involves teaching the basketball player to move and move him around the basketball field. Once you understand the principle of moving around the field, move on to throws. Oh yes, you don't need to throw anything, the basketball player will do the job for you. After the first two preparatory stages, proceed to the training game, an opponent will appear here and he will do everything to take the ball away from you. You, in turn, must not let him do this and quickly get away from the attack.

Watch how to play: