Age Of War

Age Of War

About game «Age Of War»

Well, to be honest, the name of the new Age Of War game is rather weak, the main task of which is to defend your own kingdom and defeat the enemy. Let's try to explain why we decided so? The answer is simple - having started the battle, we got so carried away that we spent about an hour on solving the problem and, if we didn’t want to watch the next parts of this fun, we probably would have spent the evening. What attracted us so much that it was difficult to come off. The first is fun, where you can still find such funny characters who are trying to survive. Second, after the battles of primitive people with the help of the most ordinary weapons like sticks and riders on dinosaurs, we gradually moved to the era of knights, after which there was the era of the musketeers, the era of ordinary warriors armed with machine guns and following tanks, and the last era - space warriors!

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