Snail Bob

Snail Bob

About game «Snail Bob»

Cheerful Snail Bob never sits still. He does this not of his own free will, of course, but as a result he has to move through an area full of complex mechanisms and even traps. The little snail cannot overcome them on its own, so he needs your help. In Snail Bob games you have to help the main character, using all the mechanisms and terrain conditions correctly, to pass the levels and do it as quickly as possible. Simple and addictive gameplay will not leave anyone indifferent! Snail Bob is deprived of a roof over his head and reliable walls of his own house. Now he found himself alone with a huge world controlled by various mechanisms. They can help, or they can turn into dangerous traps! No, Bob can't do it alone. You will have to help him find a way to get to his new home! Moreover, from the side it is much better for you to see which lever you should press to get to the desired point.

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