Chibi Grey Matter Leap - Ben 10

Chibi Grey Matter Leap - Ben 10

About game «Chibi Grey Matter Leap - Ben 10»

Chibi Grey Matter Leap - Ben 10 is a great game with your favorite character Ben 10. This time he turned into a Humanoid - one of the heroes of the Omnitrix. This appearance gives him super strength and many possibilities. Ben 10 will face a special challenge today. The river is filled with chemical waste, and there are small rafts floating on the river that you can jump on. In the form of a Humanoid, Ben 10 will be able to jump from one raft to another and thus cross the river. Let's just play a game and test our agility and alertness abilities by trying to jump as much and for as long as possible. With every successful jump you get points and you can set your own high score. Get ready right from the start to jump on moving platforms, and try to make decisions as quickly as possible so that it does not happen that while you decide, you will be carried off the screen. Good luck!

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