Power Surge - Ben 10

Power Surge - Ben 10

About game «Power Surge - Ben 10»

In Power Surge - Ben 10, Ben 10 will have to fight a new villain again. This time, the villain captured Uncle Max's van and turned it into his war machine. To defeat the enemy and return his car to Grandpa, Ben needs to enlist the support of the Omnitrix. Over the years of using the Omnitrix, Ben has learned to deftly transform into various forms of aliens and choose the right alien depending on the situation. This time our hero uses Plasma as a transport, and the Beetle and the Fireman will become his main warriors in the upcoming battle. Ben will shoot automatically, and your task is to deftly maneuver between robots and try to destroy the maximum number of them. First, you will control Ben in his true form. To transform into an alien, you need to collect charges. The more charges, the stronger the attack will be at the Beetle or Fire Man. At the end of each level, a boss fight awaits you. Defeat him and go to the next level! Enjoy your game and good luck!

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