Stinkfly Avoid - Ben 10

Stinkfly Avoid - Ben 10

About game «Stinkfly Avoid - Ben 10»

Why very often parents wake us up ahead of time, but because they would have time to pack up and have breakfast in order to calmly get to the appointed place and not rush headlong and, getting into various adventures, which, by the way, may not end very well, like ours old friend of the beetle Ben. Although you can help Ben, and then he will succeed. It all started after a trip to the Beetle's family ranch. It seemed that here on the ranch the Beetle would rest with his relatives, but suddenly, out of nowhere, an evil character appeared who decided to interfere with the rest of the Beetle and his family. The beetle cannot afford to disturb him with his family and decides to punish the attacking enemy. To chase the villain, he turns into his super image and sets off in pursuit. But our hero has never seen such fast enemies, which means that you will have to make every effort to overtake the enemy.

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