Power Boat Racing 3D

Power Boat Racing 3D

About game «Power Boat Racing 3D»

Grind and ride with a beautiful and interesting Power Boat Racing 3D game. In this game you can show all your riding experience and abilities on a Jet Boat. You have not experienced any other rowing facilities before. Ride across the rainforest river in your boat as quickly as possible and avoid the jungle until it's too late.Overcome every barrier such as whales, wild trees, etc. on the path of your vehicle. Your task is to establish a record by breaking the preliminary result and showing the highest score possible. Get the experience of the true racing arcade thrill. Experience the true marine racing thrill thanks to our wonderful water system and waves! The game features a drive through true exotic places across the globe and you will ride custom boats on every of the seven seas. Have much fun and invite your friends to play this fantastic game!

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