About game «Murder»

The king has always been the most significant and powerful person. Everything was permitted by him, and people could carry out his orders and prosper as long as he saw fit. However, few people are aware that ruling over a country has also been perilous. There were many persons who claimed the throne, and not all of them were outsiders to the royal family; some of them included sisters and brothers who were determined to take the kingdom at all costs and believed that assassinating the king would help them.

The first character plays a murderer who creeps up behind the monarch while holding a huge dagger in his hand. At this point, the king is unconcerned and strolls quietly through his castle. However, there is no need to simply leave; instead, you must calmly attempt to raise the blade, but only to the point where the monarch is not aware of it; as soon as he turns, you must immediately tuck the knife behind your back. You must press the red line all the way to the edge using the spacebar before striking to achieve the goal that the killer pursues the king.