Super Onion Boy

Super Onion Boy

About game «Super Onion Boy»

In Super Onion Boy, you will travel to the Vegetable Kingdom. Until recently, everything was calm and quiet there. You have to become a companion of the main character - Onion Boy, in his adventures. Help him get to his ultimate goal, which is known only to him and you. The beloved of the protagonist has been kidnapped, now you have to overcome a long way to save the girl. You will have to face many dangers on your way. Have a good game! After entering the game, you will see the background story, and then hit the road. On your screen, you will see the character control keys. The game is quite difficult, if you hit the enemy at least once, you will immediately lose. Avoid enemies or jump on their heads to destroy them. Collect coins and stars on your way. Help the boy save his beloved and become a real hero. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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