Cheese Swipe

Cheese Swipe

About game «Cheese Swipe»

Once the landlady of Tom and Jerry decided to invite guests and have a small party, for this she went to the store and bought groceries, and since guests love cheese most of all, she bought a large head of cheese and, having cut it, went to the kitchen to put it in the refrigerator... The hostess did not even have time to take two steps when she fell and of course knocked over the cheese. Knowing that a mouse lives in her house, she called the cat and ordered to guard the cheese until she went to the kitchen for a new dish. Tom had nowhere to go, and he began to guard the cheese. But will a normal mouse miss such a holiday? So Jerry decided to steal a couple of pieces. First you need to make the cat angry, but what is the best way to make the cat angry? Of course, a mouse running around the kitchen and trying to steal a few pieces of cheese.

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