The Floor is Lava! Apple & Onion

The Floor is Lava! Apple & Onion

About game «The Floor is Lava! Apple & Onion»

In the game The Floor is Lava! Apple & Onion you will find adventures of two funny friends. Guys do not like boredom and despondency, and that is why they constantly come up with more and more new entertainments. This time they came up with some fun that will make you work hard. The land of the entire city is now covered in lava. To get to the other end of the street, you need to move around various objects. Are you ready for a dizzying adventure? It will be hot now! At first, the events of the game will unfold in the park. You will jump on playgrounds and climb ladders so as not to fall into lava and turn to ash. Your character will be a perky Apple, which will be replaced by a shy Bow. These guys are very different, but they are also best friends. Each of them has special skills. The apple is very strong and can easily move heavy boxes, and the Bow can jump high. From time to time, the guys will replace each other, which will help you overcome various obstacles. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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