Omnitrix Glitch - Ben 10

Omnitrix Glitch - Ben 10

About game «Omnitrix Glitch - Ben 10»

The game Omnitrix Glitch - Ben 10 is a game that will offer you to experience several important events in the life of Ben 10. Sometimes his favorite object Omnitrix breaks down and then our boy comes to repair it. The game offers a choice of as many as 4 main tasks, namely: Dna Decoding, Mini Switch, Alien Threat, Attack! Each of the tasks has special rules and a different number of levels. For example, in the first task, you will recognize the heroes and decipher their DNA in order to recover the code. In the second task, you will hack into the computer with the help of the Humanoid hero. In the third building, you have to kill enemies. Well, in the last task you will move forward along a long corridor, destroy all enemies with the help of different Omnitrix heroes and avoid various obstacles on the way.

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