Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops

Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops

About game «Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops»

Star Wars games online include not only plots from the famous saga, but all toys that belong to the theme of space. Each is an opportunity to play for free in any direction. In Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops you will need to deal with the Ghost ship team. This is going to be the ultimate battle against Jedi the Empire is pursuing. In this game there will be six heroes, and you must choose any of them to perform their functions. Hera is the pilot of the spacecraft, Ezra is the young Jedi, Sabin is the dynamite professional, Kanan is the captain of the spacecraft, Lasat Zeb is the forceful man and the giant, and the ever-grumbling Astrodroid Chopper. The character you have selected must reach the place where the spacecraft is waiting for him. The Imperial soldiers will make all efforts to stop you from doing this. Take advantage of lightsabers and Jedi unique abilities by using the X key. Have much fun!

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