The Legendary Trials - Craig of the Creek

The Legendary Trials - Craig of the Creek

About game «The Legendary Trials - Craig of the Creek»

We invite all the little ones to the game, and this is especially true for young travelers who decided to put all their children's affairs aside in order to go on an exciting adventure with a little boy Craig, who decided to take everyone who wants to play interesting games with his friends. Of course, we will join the kid in the game Craig from The Legendary Trials - Craig of the Creek and try to cope with all the tasks of the fun game. Together with Craig, there will be two friends - J.P. and Casey, they constantly play together and this journey is no exception. To begin with, the kids decided to play paintball, if you don’t know this is a game with weapons, only paint balls instead of real cartridges. Having fought with opponents, the guys can go to the next game, but the journey will not take place without three victories, so try to defeat the enemy several times. Then you can start solving the following tasks.

Watch how to play: