Minecraft Earth Survival

Minecraft Earth Survival

About game «Minecraft Earth Survival»

It does not matter what the game is about and what needs to be done there for survival, it does not matter what kind of control in the game and what kind of graphics, it is important that this arcade is from the Minecraft universe, which speaks of a quality product with which we want to introduce you today. Of course, we would like more, for example, for the planet to be a little larger, the main character a little smaller, and the mushroom not moving so fast, but this will be a different story, so let's put it aside and try to survive, and survive as long as possible, avoiding meteorites and other natural disasters. Your hero is a small man from the world of cubes, who decided that he can save a small planet that has been subjected to space bombardment. Each falling meteorite does its job, and the more meteorites fall on the planet, the more likely it is to crack.

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