Elementals - Adventure Time

Elementals - Adventure Time

About game «Elementals - Adventure Time»

Welcome to the lands of Ooo. Today you will have an amazing adventure together with the main characters of the Candy Kingdom Jake and Finn. In Elementals - Adventure Time, you have to visit the four main kingdoms of the land of Ooo and help if you need it. First on our list will be the Kingdom of Candy. You have to save the locals from the monsters that rose from Nochesphere. You need to rescue sweet sandwiches and chocolate-covered strawberries, until the paws of the monsters dragged them down. Do not touch the monsters in any case, but as for Lemon Grasp, you will be able to get away with it with a hammer, and even get an extra life for it. The next destination will be the infamous Nochesphere. All sorts of creepy creatures live there and you have to fight one of the monsters.

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