Angry Fish

Angry Fish

About game «Angry Fish»

If you are a fan of the game Angry Birds or just had a good time playing it, then Angry Fish will definitely please, since the gameplay has a similar principle. Once in the underwater kingdom, you have to play not one, but several fish, the number of which determines the number of attempts allotted to complete the level. If you cope with all the tasks, then you can boast to your friends in the ability to solve various kinds of puzzles. You will have to wiggle your brains, since the goal of the game is to use the fish to get to the chickens, who put on a diving mask and sank to the bottom of the sea. At the beginning of the levels, a certain number of fish are given, periodically dropping below their original location in special equipment. When the fish enters a certain area, move the cursor over it and hold down the LMB, then without releasing the key, pull the harness where it is at that distance that allows you to get to the underwater chickens and at the same time try to collect as many stars as possible.

Watch how to play: