Highschool Mean Girls

Highschool Mean Girls

About game «Highschool Mean Girls»

If they say about some boys that they are hooligans, then hooligans talk about girls with such behavior, and by the way this issue was not raised in vain, it is this evening at the school where Anna and Elsa are studying will host a party at which a fashion show on the theme of a girl will be held bully. Princesses, of course, are not like that and cannot behave like that, but why not try on a similar image, especially since this is just a party and everyone will be in similar images. Our task is to prepare six princesses for the party, choosing their own style for each. We will not train for everyone, but we can try using Anna's example. So, the girl completely trusts you, so let's start by choosing a hairstyle. When choosing the most suitable hairstyle for the princess, do not forget about the theme of the party.

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