Silly Ways to Get Infected

Silly Ways to Get Infected

About game «Silly Ways to Get Infected»

Little funny creatures need your help. They are curious and careless as usual. This time, they need to be protected from the insidious coronavirus. Your task is to demonstrate dexterity and reaction and save them at any cost. Try to complete all the levels without letting the little characters get infected with the virus and earn as many points as possible. Help these kids quickly wash their hands with soap, use disinfectants correctly, give them masks if they are outside, teach them the rules of self-isolation and do not sneeze if they are together. Sometimes you have to take part in an unusual race, where a giant bacteria literally pursues a naughty little one. Help your little one pick up speed and soon the big bacteria will die from exhaustion. It is very important to warn the little heroes not to touch their faces with dirty hands. All these measures will help you prevent infection and save lives. Any mistake can lead to the spread of the coronavirus, so be careful and try to keep all babies safe. Good luck!

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