Steam Camp - Ben 10

Steam Camp - Ben 10

About game «Steam Camp - Ben 10»

How Ben loves to relax! But alas, he rarely gets a chance to have a good rest. And all because behind the mask of an ordinary teenager is a young superhero who has already saved the planet more than once. In Steam Camp - Ben 10, you will go outdoors with the Tennyson family. The guys went to the Yellowstone Recreation Park. Beautiful nature, geysers and freedom - this is a real rest! But suddenly Steam Smith appeared and ruined everything. Together with his robots, the villain attacked the rest. The villain wants to destroy the entire park and capture the people who were there. Luckily, Ben is there and ready to stop the villain. Ben will turn into a Beetle and rush to the rescue, and you will help him. We urgently need to evacuate people from the park. To do this, you need to collect the panicking citizens and hide them in the Tennysons trailer.

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