Mr. Bean - Skidding

Mr. Bean - Skidding

About game «Mr. Bean - Skidding»

Play the new game Mr. Bean - Skidding based on the cartoon "Mr. Bean" on our website! Control Mr. Bean as he rides his homemade skateboard, avoid obstacles and collect bears, milk and fruit baskets to earn points and bonuses. But don't get caught by Mrs Wicket! Don't miss the game Mr. Bean - Skidding and other awesome free games on our site! One of the funniest and most extravagant characters in movies and computer games, Mr. Bean is not too committed to a healthy lifestyle. He would love to have continued to drive around in his car. But, alas .. the old wreck threatens to crumble completely and had to be urgently taken for repairs. Now what to do, since Mr. Bean is not used to long hikes. Then an amazing idea struck him - a skate! Here it is - the solution to his problem! There remains a mere trifle - to learn how to ride a skateboard.

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