Torture the Trollface

Torture the Trollface

About game «Torture the Trollface»

Everyone has repeatedly encountered annoying trolls on the Internet, who constantly write annoying comments and spoil the mood. Today we brought the main one to our game Torture the Trollface. And you have the opportunity to thank him for all his shameful antics. At the beginning of the game you will see it right in front of you on the screen, and you can immediately put it to work. All you need is a computer mouse. Click on the troll to hit him, bruise or knock out a tooth. Be sure to collect the coins that fall out with each stroke. you can spend them to buy new uniforms or weapons to deal with the troll. Get rid of him for all the trolls that have ever harmed or simply interfered with normal life. This fun game is sure to lift your spirits, so turn it on and play faster. Remember that you can play this game for free!

Watch how to play: