Run 3

Run 3

About game «Run 3»

The game Run 3 is a special "runner" that is different from all other games. Here, you will be somewhere in space, and your characters will be alien monsters. There are long tunnels in outer space that you need to run through. The game Run 3 consists of as many as 10 levels, each of which has many sublevels. At the beginning, you have only one monster available, which has no special abilities, it runs slowly and jumps weakly. The further you go, the more terrain you will discover on the map. With each passed level you will unlock a new character with new abilities. Run forward through the tunnels, jump and move from one side of the movement to the other. Running will be difficult, because the floor and walls in front of you will be in holes that you need to jump over. One wrong move and your character will fly out of the corridor into outer space. Play, explore new locations, unlock new alien monsters and go to the store to check costumes and bonuses. Set your personal best in endless mode and become the best runner!

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