Christmas Sledge

Christmas Sledge

About game «Christmas Sledge»

The New Year is already very close and, in order to feel the festive atmosphere, we invite you to play a new exciting game. Christmas Sledge is a simple arcade game featuring the main characters from the animated series. Your mission is to slide down the snowy path and collect gifts scattered along the way. And even if there is not as much snow outside the window as we would like, then you always have the opportunity to ride a sleigh without leaving your home. The first snow has already fallen, which means it's time to grab your sleigh and go to the steep snow-capped hills! Sledding has never been so exciting! Use the arrow keys to control. On your way there will be various dangerous obstacles, such as: tree trunks, boulders, rolling snow balls, snowmen, protruding tree roots, stumps and much more.

Watch how to play: