Unikitty Save the Kingdom

Unikitty Save the Kingdom

About game «Unikitty Save the Kingdom»

Evil villains attacked the Unikitty kingdom. All the inhabitants of the cheerful kingdom had to run away and they scattered to different corners. We urgently need to save everyone! In the adventure game for girls Unikitty Save the Kingdom, you will have a rescue mission on your shoulders. You will embark on a dangerous journey with Unikitty, Pappicorn, Dr. Fox and the mighty bodyguard Croco Hawk. The guys will overcome each level in turn. Each of them has its own special attack and super skills that will help you cope with all the enemies and villains. The rescue team will travel to all corners of the kingdom - from mysterious caves to a fun fair. At each level, you need to collect sparkling substances and look for a certain number of townspeople. Explore every corner carefully and luck will definitely smile on you. This game will appeal to both children and adults, because you cannot ignore so many cuties. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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