Super Ball Blast

Super Ball Blast

About game «Super Ball Blast»

This game is at the intersection of different genres, so it is sure to please many of our players. Now you will understand why. The essence of the game is to destroy objects that fall from the top of the screen down. Typically, these shapes will be in the shape of squares. Of course, you will not need to get rid of these items with bare hands. We will provide you with a truck, on the trailer of which a special weapon will be installed in order to shoot from it at objects that will appear in front of you on the screen. Different objects will be of different sizes, so each of them will require a different number of shots. Don't worry, this information will immediately become clear to you according to the inscriptions on the figures themselves. Drive the truck and move it to different parts of the screen to make it easier to reach all the shapes that will fall down.

Watch how to play: