Cute Zoo

Cute Zoo

About game «Cute Zoo»

At the Zoo today, you get the possibility to see some really lovely creatures! Have you been to the zoo earlier? If that's true, you've certainly seen cute creatures like a tiger cub, a newborn elephant, and adorable penguins. The game Cute Zoo will greet you here, and your mission will be to look after the zoo's cute animals. During the game, you'll meet Princess Moana, who looks after all the zoo animals on a daily basis. Will you be able you assist her this time in caring for these animals? After all, Moana appears to be exhausted and devoid of vigor! Let's lend a hand to her, shall we? As a result, every animal in the zoo will expect something from you, and you must comply. Some of them have to be fed, combed, or treated. They could just want to have some fun. Elephants enjoy playing with ball, and penguins are crazy about swimming and diving, and you will practice that in the game!

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