Super Stickman Hook

Super Stickman Hook

About game «Super Stickman Hook»

We still could not understand where our man was once again a stick, but one thing is clear - this is clearly a very creepy and dangerous place, full of various scary objects, any touch to which can only be life, but we know that our guy is the most brave and brave, and therefore if Stickman Hook himself cannot cope with all the problems, then we will help him. From the first seconds of being in the world of a stickman, cheerful music sounds, it pushes you to take active actions, although you can see from the mood of the daredevil that he is already ready to move mountains. But let's omit this moment, since after the start, the stickman will begin to fall down, where hot lava gurgles and bubbles. This cannot be allowed, and in order to somehow catch on to any ledge, you must use a coiled rope. This rope will help the little man to swing and jump further, not forgetting that the rope must be transferred to the next ledge.

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