T-REX N.Y Online

T-REX N.Y Online

About game «T-REX N.Y Online»

T-REX N.Y Online - is a continuation of the journey of the ancient lizard home, he went through many cities and caused irreparable damage to everything that appeared on his way, but people themselves are to blame for what happens and what will happen again! Maybe you can help him finish what he started faster and a big city with a population of several million people will be the last city on his way! Let's get down to business right away, since people were waiting for a dinosaur and prepared not only by hiding the entire civilian population in basements and bomb shelters, but by gathering almost all the police on the streets of the city. But they are mistaken if they think that the police and their armored cars will be able to stop a huge lizard, demolishing everything in its path. By the way, the further the T - Rex goes, the more the police are going, but very soon the military will come out to meet the dinosaur, and therefore military equipment, such as tanks, will move with them.

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