Mad Truck Challenge Special

Mad Truck Challenge Special

About game «Mad Truck Challenge Special»

To describe what awaits you further words are not enough, but the developers tried to fit everything into the name of the game - Mad Truck Challenge Special, but we cannot but add a few words of description from ourselves. So, huge monster trucks are waiting for you, and in fact, a monster, and if you use the tuning, it is very difficult to recognize in this four-wheeled monster a once racing jeep. In addition, during the race, music plays, which not only does not interfere, but also helps to drive the car even faster, destroying all rivals that appear in front or even behind. Your car is practically invulnerable, and only an enemy rocket can stop you, so if you suddenly roll over and fall, don't worry, you can just roll over back on four wheels and continue driving. In addition to you, several cars are participating in the race, and all of them will try to overtake you, not disdaining for this by any methods.

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