Frozen Rush

Frozen Rush

About game «Frozen Rush»

In the beautiful realm of snow, ice and snowflakes, a small shaggy creature reports that now in the Shining Kingdom it is not so bright and bright. The thing is that the famous magical Northern Lights have practically dimmed, and they will flare up again with their unique magical light, only if you find magic crystals for them. Disney characters: Anna, Elsa, a handsome young man, a snowman and a reindeer volunteer to help all northern residents find light and joy again. In order to collect crystals and reveal the Northern Lights, you must play in the story mode. If you want to know how far you can get, play in endless mode. Get the best results! At the beginning of the game, there is a small cutscene that the Northern Lights have dimmed, and that Disney characters are in a hurry to find the crystals that are much needed for this.

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